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Vicki began working for Preceptor Health Care from the very beginning. This is when they were known as only Mueller Therapy. Vicki’s sister, Barb Mueller asked her to join the company. Vicki had seen the company grow from its beginnings to the additions of home health and hospice.

Vicki has fond memories of working from the basement of her sister’s home. At that time Vicki was the sole clerical staff member and did everything from hiring staff to payroll. As the company grew, Vicki’s role grew. She oversees our payroll and human resources and is a member of the Leadership Team.

Vicki enjoys her role with Preceptor Health Care and anything that has to do with administrative work. She loves all of the wonderful, caring people she works with and refers to them as her Preceptor family.

Vicki is married to Jim. She has two grown children who are married. Vicki’s favorite thing to do in her spare time is spending time with her family.