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What is Lymphedema?
Lymphedema is swelling that generally occurs in your arms or legs. It is most commonly caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes. It results from a blockage in your lymphatic system, which is part of your immune system. The blockage prevents lymph fluid from draining well, and the fluid buildup leads to swelling.

How can Preceptor Home Health & Hospice help?
We have 6 certified lymphedema therapists on staff. Our services include manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandaging, skin care management and treatment, therapeutic exercise, Kinesio Taping® and scar massage. We can see you in your home to provide a comprehensive lymphedema evaluation and treatment plan. Reduced lymphedema swelling allows for increased range of motion, increased mobility, decreased pain, decreased risk for skin breakdown, improved circulation and more flexibility. Your clothes may even fit better! Lymphedema management often leads to an improved body image, decreased fatigue and increased functional abilities.

How can I get my lymphedema treatment started?
We’re ready to provide you with the best lymphedema care from the safety of your home. Your primary care physician will determine if you have a medically necessary home health care need. Your primary care physician can fax your referral to our Intake Department at 262-923-1213. Rest assured, we are following CDC guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Our therapists have personal protective equipment and are screened daily.

How can we help seniors make a successful transition back home?

The day a senior finally gets to return home after a hospital or rehabilitation stay is an exciting time in the recovery process. However, it is also a critical transition that requires advance planning and adequate care assistance once home to avoid readmission and ensure a successful recovery.

As family members, we do everything we can to set our loved ones on a path toward recovery. How can we ensure our loved one’s safety once they return home, and are there costs for these services? Preceptor Home Health can assist and prepare patients and their families for a successful transition home. Home health services are a benefit provided by Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans.

Home health care provides nursing, therapy and other specialized services in the privacy and comfort of your home. The goal is to help you continually improve, manage your illness, and keep you at home – where you most wish to be.

Your Preceptor home health partners include:

  • Our team of nurses who provide health assessments, patient and family education, IV therapy, enteral feedings, catheter or ostomy care, injections, medication management, nutrition teaching, and much more.
  • Our team of rehabilitation professionals helps bring out your best as you recover from illness or injury, or adapt to a chronic condition. Specialty programs include, but are not limited to, wound care, incontinence management and lymphedema treatment. We also have therapists who are certified in the Parkinson’s BIG and LOUD therapy programs.
  • Physical therapists help you improve strength, flexibility, balance, mobility and endurance.
  • Occupational therapists provide one-on-one assistance with daily living tasks and teach adaptations to make life at home a little easier.
  • Speech therapists help with swallowing, communication difficulties and problem-solving.
  • Our social workers will help guide you and your family members in making short- and long-term plans. They also help you connect with resources to meet your needs and goals.
  • Our home health aides provide extra help with personal care and assistance.

Who is eligible for Preceptor Home Health services? Medicare guidelines include individuals who:

  • have a physician’s order for home health services
  • have difficulty leaving their home
  • need skilled nursing services or physical, occupational or speech therapy

If you have questions about Preceptor Home Health services please call Jennifer Wooten at 262-257-9757 (email or Shelly Darmody at 262-257-9804  (email