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Suggested Activities for Seniors with Dementia

Keeping aging loved ones active in hobbies and interests that gave them pleasure in the past is important. This is important to stir memories, feel emotionally connected with others, reduce anxiety and irritability, and make them feel more engaged with life. Certain activities may work better at different times of the day or may change as the disease progresses. Give them a try, you may be surprised yourself at how much fun you will have.
* Sing songs or play music from an era when they were younger
* Watch family videos
* Look at family photo albums together
* Make a small hand held photo album and label with the names of family and friends. Leave in resident’s room to look at any time they would like
* Put a simple puzzle together
* Play a familiar game such as UNO, go fish or checkers
* Color or paint pictures
* Look through magazines of interest to resident such as cars, hunting, gardening, etc.
* Ask about memories they have about their siblings, going to school as a child, wedding day (memories from long ago stay intact longer)
* Make birthday or holiday cards together
* Keep a journal in resident’s room and write about visitors or special outings, family gatherings, etc.
* Eat lunch or a snack outside
* Fill a bird feeder together and place outside room
* Look at or count trading cards
* Cut coupons together

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