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Memory Tips for You and Your Loved Ones

1. Have a special place for important things. EXAMPLE: Always keep your purse and keys in the same place.
2. Write down things you need to get done in a notebook.
3. Cross off things after you do them.
4. Stay in the kitchen when you are cooking so you do not forget about the stove and oven.
5. Use timers to help you remember to take pills or to do things.
6. Write down ideas or information that you want to remember right away, before you forget it.
7. Keep a small notebook and pen in your pocket, purse, and/or tote bag to use when you are not at home.
8. Write down the names of people that you want to recall later.
9. Write down instructions or information doctors, nurses, or therapists tell you.
10. Check your calendar every day for appointments.
11. Check your “to do” list every morning.
12. Do not try to do a lot of things at once. Do big jobs in parts, one step at a time.
13. Stay calm. If you forget something, do not get upset.
14. Plan ahead. Check your schedule for tomorrow.

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